The Michigan Large Pack beaglers
were handsomely represented again this
year. I may miss a few, but I saw Jeff
Goff, Steve Mikkleson, Dave Miller,
Scott Czerwonka (WI), Bert and
Annabelle Yaunke, and Alberta
Wrobleski. Club members Stanley and
Ilene Shelmidine had assembled a
fantastic display of old ribbons they had
been given by old-time beagler Paul
Akins. Paul Akins was a running pal of
Jake DeVitto, and each were cottontail
beaglers who converted to Large Pack
beagling. They owned littermate 13-inch
males, New Parrot Big John and New
Parrot Big Sam. Coady McDonald of
Ontario says, “those two cleaned up
wherever they were trailed – on either
side of the border.� Some of these
ribbons dated back to 1934, and many
were from Canada. There was a ribbon
from the Vermont Beagle Club’s
first spring trial in 1941, and one dated
1934 from TA-I-O Beagle Club in

Saturday evening after the classes, the
Better Beagling Int’l Large Pack
Hall of Fame inductions were given at
the AKC Large Pack Nationals
banquet. The Large Pack Hare
Federation presented their own awards
from 2005 & 2006 as well. Both Art
White and John Otruba were presented
with Lifetime Achievement awards.
Following was the Hall of Fame
Inductions. Inductees this year:

Living Beaglers
Art Beamer, NY
Joe Corullo, MI
Dominic Leitza, MI
Tom Sharpe, NH

Deceased Beaglers
Ralph Bushey
Annie Johnson
Homer Larmay
Ben Meunnink

Deceased Hounds
IFC Birch Haven Bruiser
IFC Brad-Ju’s Bella Donna
IFC Larmay Toastmaster
FC Mountaineer King

The new inductees that were present
gave their thanks and posed for photos.
Most of last year’s inductees were
present also, so photos of both yearsâ
€™ inductees were taken together. One
of the highlights of the evening was when
last year’s inductee, Dan Kane,
presented his good friend Art Beamer
with his plaque… and a couple of gifts
from him personally. Years ago when
Dan was campaigning IFC Able’s
East Coast Trimmer, Art told him â
€œNow that you have this special dog,
you must do whatever is necessary to
protect it.� He gave Dan a leather
dog collar with big metal spikes on it.
Some 20+ years later, Dan presented
the collar back to Art to put on his
special dog, IFC Awful Bawlin Viagra.
Dan also gave Art a handy, dual-
purpose gadget for older beaglers. It
can double as a walking stick, and the
drop-down “trough� helps keep
the top of his boots dry. (You can figure
that one out yourselves, ha! ha!)
LP HOF Michiganer Bert Yaunke's Champion jacket.
AKC LP Nationals - Page 2
A fantastic display of old ribbons.
Some of the 2005 & 2006 Int'l LP HOF members. Sitting,
Barbara Bushey (accepting for Ralph). Sharon Cate, Bert
Yaunke, Ralph DeWitt. Standing, Ben Meunnink's
daughter Kathy, Tom Sharpe, Howard Cate, Anne
Yaunke, Dan Kane, Art Beamer.
Dan Kane presents Art Beamer with his HOF plaque. Art
is trying to be serious, but Dan is having too much fun!
(Click on the picture to see the video. It's a 4-minute clip so give
it plenty of time to download. Speakers on - It's worth the wait!)